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Fake Rolex Explorer 2023: the review of the new models


With the launch of the new fake rolex Explorer collection, the 39 mm version, the Rolex Explorer 214270, officially disappears, while the older brother with GMT function receives an invisible and substantial aesthetic and technical makeover, conserving the 42 mm case on the contrary. While the size gap between the two versions grows and Rolex Explorer doubles in references 124270 and 124273 (the first in history in Rolesor), those who own the outgoing model available exclusively in steel have found a small treasure in their hands since April 7 , judging by the peak reached in one week on the watch market. We therefore continue to witness a consolidated phenomenon; the phase out of some models of the brand measures the interest of the community for that reference, although few would have bet on the surge in value of Explorer, including yours.

The new Rolex Explorer 124270 and 124273

Among the new collections, Explorer I is the one that has received the most evident changes on paper; the 36mm case size is a bet that only time will judge. Rolex is slowly but surely changing the skin of several core collections and the Explorer 2021 is inspired by the original 1953 model. It is not a transformation that is so different, in philosophy, from the one that the professional Submariner collection has faced, although in that case it is more correct talk about surgery.

The 3230 caliber is the second major upgrade; both Explorer I and II lagged behind the rest of the brand's output, even if the progressive alignment of calibers is an industrial rather than a product issue. For the Rolex-type consumer, the movement adopted is, within certain limits, an independent variable.

I am perplexed when I look at the cased option in Rolesor; the Rolex replica watches Explorer was born in Oystersteel and it could not be otherwise, even more so if the goal is a return to origins; I believe that my reference market, the Italian one, will remain cold towards a reference that costs as much or more than one of the most desired professional all-steel Rolexes, be they a 126210LV or the very latest GMT Master II.

On both, to complete, the designers of the Research and Development division have introduced an enhanced version of Chromalight, probably also to counter the considerable progress made by Super-Luminova™ in recent years.

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